‘Music, to me, is a magical cure’ | Interview with Fuimadane

For the lovers of Neofolk and Viking sound but also for those of you who-prior to this day- had little to no engagement with the genre… Fuidamane is the artist to offer a representative and memorable experience.

Describe your sound in three words please! 

Folktronica, NeoFolk, Medieval

What is the concept behind your latest song fjölkyngi

The word ‘fjölkyngi’ comes form old norse and means magic, black art or sorcery. My goal was to create a piece of music that is a little darker than the more cheerful trakcs I normally create. In the past few years, I often foundmyself fighting for the sake of my family, and it has often put me in very dark places. Fjölkyngi was my attempt to manifest and work through the dark thoughts that have haunted me over the years.

You have said in the past that you were not believed to be a ‘real Dane’. How do you perceive your Danish identity? Do you think it could be more liberating if we avoid linking our personal identities with the nation state we happened to be born at? 

I believe that we should be proud of our ancestors and honor them. Their actions of the past are the reason we are where we are today, a blood line going all the way back to the very beginning. Despite the fact that russian, english and finnish blood runs through my veins, I grew up in denmark all my life, and as a result, I feel that I am a dane at heart. It was something that other people were more vocal to object to when I was still growing up and finding my place in the world, but I do not let that kind of negativity get to me anymore. I was born here.

You have expressed the opinion of creating communities and personal lives that are driven by our desires and that are not defined by money and the everyday struggle for survival. Do you think the pandemic has presented opportunities for people to move towards this direction or has it exacerbated individualism and feelings of isolation? 

I wish that we wouldn’t need money to live, that debt would not exist and that we could devote our time usually spent earning money to helping the poor and rebuilding the world in a manner that it is a place of happiness for all living beings. Maybe it’s just a dream, or maybe it isn’t. I believe it is possible, like it used to be, a long, long time ago, to erase the 1% that control all wealth. Every person can contribute a little to rebuilding the world from my vision.
The sad sideeffect of this pandemic is, that people have become lonely. Many have lost contact to family and friends. They miss the physical contact, miss touching and hugging and kissing and love – the things all of us need. People have lost their jobs, homes, suicide rates have gone up. Many people are marching our streets every day, protesting for freedom and human rights, but they are often silenced by the government, and have been, since the beginning of the Pandemic. People are starting to wake up from their hibernation. Maybe this is a first step to fulfilling my vision of the world.

How would you say your music has evolved over the years? 

I’ve always been on the hunt for ”my own style”. With each and every track, I feel like I improve, evolve and come closer to reaching that goal. I love every step this journey has taken me though, and will still take me through. I started by composing Dance and Trance, but always had the desire to blend it with some medieval vibes. And after many attempted and dropped projects, Fuimadane now finally sees the light of day.

Which one of your songs characterises you the most? 

I try to express a little of myself with each track, but the track that probably screams „ME“ like no other is one of my earlier tracks, „Hør mig nu“, for which I even wrote and sung a poem I wrote myself. 

What should we expect from you in the near future? Are you looking to play live and if yes, where? 

I am working on an Album right now, containing some tracks I would easily consider some of my greatest so far. I hope that the listeners will enjoy it. As for Live performances, I have no plans for that, especially considering that I am a one-man band, but I do hope to some day experience my music being performed live by someone else.

How do you spend your day when you are not making music? 

I try to spend as much time with my family – my fiancé and two children. As mentioned earlier, things haven’t always gone our way in our lives, but we are trying to stay positive as much as we can – to smile in the face of people who wish misfortune onto us. It is quite draining. Music helps me get through the darkest times, and helps me, so I can be a better father for my kids. It also helps me with my mental health, as I suffer from several neurodivert issues like paranoid schizophrenia (among others). Music, to me, is a magical cure, even if it is just for a short time.

Thanks Fuimadane!

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