‘Something fresh’ | Interview with The Last Bear Ender

POLAR is proof that Wilrik’s riffs are worth their weight in gold. Read our interview with The Last Bear Ender below.

Describe your sound in three words please!


In Polar you say that it is about polarization, opposites and how the one cannot go without the other. Could you elaborate a bit more on this idea?

You can interpret this in several ways. There is no light without dark. There is no life without death. In order to enjoy life to the fullest, you also need to embrace the fact that life is finite. But the deeper meaning about this track goes beyond the notion of life and death.

I concider myself a socialist and environmentalist. We are facing a huge problem; climate change. It’s important we face this issue now, before it’s to late (if it isn’t already). Like it is being said in Polar “The world is a system of interrelated components, none of which can survive without each other”. We are destroying this wonderful planet at an increasingly rapid pace. It’s imperative we do everything in our power to protect every single organism and aspect of this very delicate eco-system.

Where do you mainly draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from the DOOM 2016 and DOOM Eternal OST, by Mick Gordon, but I’m also a huge fan of Fear Factory. Combine that with some progressive influences, like Meshuggah for instance and you get a nice blend of what is now Polar. I keep evolving with each song. I’ve got some nice surprises up my sleeve for the near future!

What is the biggest guitar riff you wish you have composed yourself?

It’s gotta be the main intro riff to “The Only Thing they Fear is You” from the DOOM Eternal OST. Simple yet extremely brutal!

Do you think that the absence of vocals is an extra challenge when it comes to promoting one’s song?

With The Last Bear Ender (TLBE) I work with voice samples a lot (also on Polar). There is one track released already with vocals (Bereaved). The next one with covals is coming April 30th and more are being composed. However I really do like the repetitive, instrumental vibe of a lot of songs. It makes it easier to get in the flow and focus gaming, working, working out or whatever.

It is an extra challenge to keep the music interesting enough. I use lots of sound effects, synths and other instruments to add variety to my riffs and music en general. However, I guess it’s not for everybody. I didn’t get any negative feedback on the music by TLBE. The only downside I hear is the lack of vocals or that the repetitiveness of the music is too much. Music is an artform. We don’t always share the same taste. I’m glad I like my own music 😉 and that there are a lot more people out that who share my opinion on that hahaha.

Can you describe the Netherland’s metal scene and how you relate to it?

The metal scene in The Netherlands is quite big and alive. We do have some pretty large names like Within Temptation, Textures and Born From Pain. The bass player from Fear Factory was from The Netherlands as well!

Old school hardcore is the biggest underground metal scene in The Netherlands. This is actually where my roots lie. My first band “Dawn Of Mankind” began as a very straight forward metalcore band with strong Hatebreed influences. We put out 1 single, 2 mini albums, one full length did lots of shows, but that’s it. With TLBE I wanted to do something really different and achieve more, reach more fans. Something fresh. Polar is the latest result of that.

Should we expect an album from you in the near future?

I get this a lot. For now, no. Making singles is far more profitable in the sense that it gets a lot more attention than just releasing one album. Twelve singles a year accumulates to a lot more noise than one album with twelve tracks on it. One peak instead of twelve. For a upcoming, fast growing new artist like myself it’s, in my opinion, better to get that spotlight each month, instead the attention of one album.

It is, however, a goal for me to do a concept album. My music, altough mostly instrumental, has a meaning. It would be super cool to see that envisioned in a full length album. It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”, so stay tuned!

What do you do during the day apart from making music?

Hehehe, good question. I’m a full-time computer science university teacher actually. Next to that I’m also in a band called The Punisher and like to play videogames. So, basically, all I do is work, make lots of music and play a videogame every now and then. I like my life 🙂

Thank you Last Bear Ender!

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