Matthias Gusset – Spellbound [Review]

It starts softly to match your lethargic feeling as you listen to it. This is not, however, a song that will help you fall easily asleep on the couch. The pianist touches the notes with love but he is not afraid of them. His playing is calm- at the beginning- but not timid. As the song continues, it gets more intense and I’m sure you have noticed too as you are no longer lying down on the couch but sitting up looking brighter. The minutes pass and with them you begin to understand the beauty of the track: In Spellbound, the melody never turns to the obvious resolution, it’s minimal but it’s very far from being plain.

Spellbound is part of Matthias Gusset’s forthcoming album Inbetween Bird songs – what a sweet title that is! If by now you think that you need to know more about the artist, why not read an earlier interview of his with Secret Eclectic?

Also make sure to listen our piano driven Spotify playlist Metamorphosis featuring Matthias Gusset.

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