Alain Vande Putte-Somewhere

Somewhere was inspired by Alain Vande Putte by the book ‘The Beekeeper From Aleppo’ which is a story of a married couple coming to the U.K. from Syria, after having lost their child. As the Belgian composer himself notes, the song is also about ‘alienation and the search for a still point in an ever raging world, the search for ‘somewhere we belong’.

I have been studying how media work for several years, and one thing I find extremely dangerous is the ability and tendency to sell fear, pity and populism. Over the years, images of distressed migrants, the sensationalised headlines about the drownings of children have sold copies of newspapers, equally annoying, false and Right-wing leaning stereotypes questioning the legitimacy of migrants/refugees have been spread within the society through mainstream media, among other ways.

And while this so -called ‘refugee crisis’ is far from being over, while the EU is tightening their border security and the future of mobile populations remains precarious, I am here to tell you -what migrants have been saying themselves for quite a while now – that we need to look at them as more than that. More than a migrant, because this is label that is temporary. Powerful, yet not permanent. People who flee danger (and people who don’t for several reason, I might add) have a strong sense of hope to guide them. This is not cheesy, this is the truth. Their resilience, their struggles and their personalities should be remembered and celebrated.

Somewhere, is a song that we in Secret Eclectic feel, it looks at this bright side.Not in the empty ‘positive thinking can get you everywhere’ way but in a respectful and realistic way that acknowledges the hardships yet chooses to be optimistic.

During a period where our collective mobilities and freedom(s) are in danger, to built bubbles and communities and safe spaces… ‘somewhere we belong’, appears to be one of the most important and caring practices we have to do.

A piano driven tune with a classic pop rock quality. File it next to Keane.

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