Broughton – Suits Me [Review]

Our first interaction with Broughton happened through Neptune and here we meet again for the release of his track Suits me. It’s been almost a year and we are happy to see that the UK rapper has not been sitting around watching Netflix, like many of us did! It seems that a lot of energy and effort have been diffused into producing more tracks and evolving his ways.

Suits me has the same smooth vocals all his songs showcase and the instrumental contains a leading pad accompanied by a deep bass (with long silent intervals) . Oh, and dont forget his distinctive “Woah” adlib, present in almost every track. It’s a chill track not in the relaxed and sexy way Miss You is, but still preserving its downtempo elements. These element reveal a different side of hip hop that focuses more on highlighting the sentiment behind the track.

What we really love about Broughton is that while he raps he adds some grime flavour perhaps not even realising he is doing so. His flow has this unique ‘Britishness’ – if you will allow us the expression- completely unaffected by American influences, which along with all the above becomes his signature. Keep it up!

Have a listen below and make sure to read his earlier interview with Secret Eclectic too!

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