Chronic Mncher – Flutez [Review]

It certainly has this unique French character that reminds you of Justice. And yet, this brilliant song is made by the US artist, Chronic Mncher, who – we suggest- you should keep under your radar.

Chronic Mncher’s newest EP Abandon Ship, consists of six songs of which Flutez is the second in line. A mid-tempo electro song boasting powerful synths and nice melodies. With its distinctive futuristic sound and the cosmic cover, Flutez naturally creates a very space-y atmosphere, and yet, my reaction when hearing it for the first time had nothing to do with star ships, aliens or galaxies far away from Earth. On the contrary, I kept trying to think why it reminds me something of my childhood as a Millennial kid.

Listening to Flutez brings back a sweet nostalgia of summer afternoons and of watching films in an old TV box, way before they were replaced with modern flat panels. Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say here is that the song has a certain beauty that exceeds the freshness it so generously offers to the electro scene. Flutez has an indefinable warmth that grasps you instantly and settles more and more as you keep listening to it.

Have a listen for yourselves below!

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