‘Very, very cool’ | Interview with Brother.

From their home studio to the world.
Warning: this song is addictive.
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Describe your sound in three words please!

Very, very cool. Just kidding, Simple, indie, fun.

How did the band come together and how did you come up with Brother. as its name?

It comes from one of my favorite TV shows ‘Lost’ where the character Desmond always says, “see you in another life, Brother.” Erika and Chuck met years ago during our early college years. We met Nate, Scott and Eli after moving up to Northern Utah and playing around in the music scene there.

EZ feels riff driven. Tell us a few things about your creative process. What comes first, the lyrics, the vocals or…?

EZ was written with a new synth I purchased recently. It was a really simple analog sounding part that I paired with a toy keyboard I found online. We usually write the music first and vocals/lyrics later on. I like to write to the feeling of the song and the instruments.

Your sound in this track is very warm and has just the right degree of saturation. Do you actually record in a home studio and what’s your favourite effect, digital or analog?

Thank you! Yes, we record from our home studios in our basements. EZ was written and recorded in my (Chuck) bedroom studio and mixed in Nate’s bedroom studio. I really love using the Izotope Vinyl plug in. It gives everything such a cool character with its warble and wear. It gives every instrument this broken texture that I love.

Your songs have simple but very cool video clips. Do you think the concepts yourselves or do you have someone else (and who is that person, if so?)

We think of them ourselves. It is really fun to come up with concepts and other art aside from music. We fortunately live among very talented filmmakers and videographers in Utah who make our wildest dreams look good on screen.

What is your favourite song to perform?

I love performing our song Oxidate. It is so fun with so many different parts happening that work together. Plus, there is a guitar solo and that is always really fun.

What was the best album you heard in the previous year?

One of the best albums recently that I have heard recently is Impossible Weight by Deep Sea Diver. Great songs and wonderful production. It’s an album I will never get tired of.

Would you reveal each other’s funny habits?

Chuck snores really loud and Nathan loves butlers and anything to do with butlers. Everyone else’s are confidential.

Thanks Brother. 🙂

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