‘We need to stimulate our subconscious’ | Interview with Craig Lowe

Dim lights, the best audio system and you DANCE! The title is ‘Hold On’ but really you don’t have to.
Read our interview with the incredible Craig Lowe below!

Describe your sound in three words, please!

Electonic, Groovy, IDM

What first got you into music?

I played drums and bass guitar from an early age listening to bands like green day, Korn, RGTM. Then Slowly became established as a session player, then started messing around with synths, drum machines and getting into modular synths. The rest is history. 

Your EP ‘Solace’ is due for release soon. What is the main theme behind it?

Originally the tunes we planned to be singles released across the year and then 2020 happened. So put the music releasing on hold, then it became apparent to me that these collections of songs have a relationship with each other, a kind of journey. The meaning of solace is “comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness” I wanted this EP to embody that. I feel its quite an optimistic EP, a sort of road to recovery. 

We were lucky to catch you performing live at a Crux event in London. You give the impression that you emphasize the performing aspect of your music-making process. How important it is for electronic musicians to escape the ‘comfort’ of a Dj set?

I think it is down to the artist, there’s no right or wrong it is just what you feel comfortable with I suppose. I come from a session playing background and fell the need to play as much of it live as possible. I think it is a lot more engaging for an audience to watch as well. 

What is the best venue (indoor or outdoor) in London that guarantees the best experience, bearing in mind that you are using audiovisual as part of your live performance? 

I love playing at Five Miles In Tottenham, a great sound system. They have a nice big wall for projecting visuals on as well. 

Is being a musician everything you thought it would be?

Its a lot harder financially than I thought it would be! With the very low incomes from streaming it makes it very hard for it to be your main source of income. But the joy of playing music live creating a new track, far out weights the finally struggles being a musician can entail. 

Which song do you think reflects best the current situation with the pandemic?

‘Hold on’ from the EP, has a journey to it a struggle with a happy ending. I think this reflects the current situation 

Is there such a thing as work-life balance when you are a musician? In what ways do you boost your creativity? 

It’s an age-old question, but I think you have to receptive all the time to new ideas, good or bad! You never know when inspiration may strike. I like to take notes and set aside time each week to develop and nurture the ideas. I think it is also important to ‘fill up’ as well as ‘pour out’. I think most people have struggled with creativity over the lockdown, myself included. We need to stimulate our subconscious with new sounds, smells, people, event, places, ART – the things we haven’t been able to do this year. I like to get out as much as possible to fill up’ 

Thanks Craig!

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