The Anti Universe | Interview with Emika

Talented yet enigmatic. Οn the occasion of the release of ‘Anti-Universe, the first part of her ‘Vega’ trilogy, we spoke to Emika about the past and what is next to come!

Describe your sound in three words please!

Electronic, classical, singer-songwriter. Bristol, Berlin, Prague

Your newly released song ‘The Anti Universe’ is part of the ‘Vega’ trilogy which sounds like an homage to your musical journey so far. How does this history inform your aspirations for the future?

This history is the roots of my tree, I am growing strong and just beginning to grow taller, in the future I will reach the sky.

We had the pleasure of seeing you perform live in London, in December 2019. Do you have a treasured memory of a live performance that you’d like to share with us?

My planetarium 360 immersive dome live performances – make me feel like time travel is real.

While in the process of composing a song do you start imagining how you will play it live?

I just try to find a new idea, concept, reason to create, hook or rhythm with an atmosphere that feels instantly good. Otherwise the doubts set in and it’s really hard to work on anything at all.

Your music is diversified. Someone can find your songs from early dubstep playlists to solo piano/neoclassical. Does this influence your music identity in any way?

This is 100% my musical identity.

I’ll take you years back when you released your debut album through Ninja Tune. For most new producers this is a dream. What piece of advice would you give to those who try to get their music out there?

The options today are varied, you can set up your own platform and be a creative entrepreneur. If you’re music needs developing then look for a label that will support developing your creativity. If you’re ready for a professional career and need investment to pay for your marketing and productions and have a commercial sound, then look for a major. Or try Patreon and all the platforms available to us and completely avoid the label way of thinking.

What do you do during the day when you are not making music?

I walk for hours in the forest near my studio.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you

I’m a music healer and perform personal sessions.

Thanks Emika!

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