Joey Myron – Yellow Roses [Review]

I am writing this post as I am waiting patiently for the track to be released so I can share it in my social media.

Imagine it is a Friday, your work is almost over (well, at least for those of you who have a 9-5) and you are typing the last email while sitting in a crowded coffee place. All these people around you have already started their weekend and very soon so will you. Well, ‘Yellow Roses’ is the finest song to accompany the feeling of relaxation that is about to come when you refuse to carry any stress and fuss for too long and for whatever reason. Quite a paradox though, as this is not what somebody would call ‘a cheerful song’.

The pop track with a trap soul touch makes no reference to dull subjects such as work, on the contrary its central theme is – oh what else- love. There is no happy ending to be celebrated through this lyrical narrative, it’s more like a love lost and yet Joey Myron has delivered a song with a light vibe and only a tiny tingle of sadness on the background. It’s a tune that becomes addictive almost immediately, a song – I dare say- that if you are the heartbroken one would motivate you to pick up the phone, call your mates and head out for a drama-free evening.

Yellow Roses is the latest single of Los Angeles based singer and songwriter Joey Myron. Listen below!

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