Peachy King x Em Beihold- Drive By Lovers [Review]

I am listening to this song on a rainy February night and yet my mind travels to a wide avenue with palm trees on the side of the road. I have never been to California but in this fantasy of mine I could have easily been there. It’s warm, it’s bright and people fill the streets holding iced coffees and frozen smoothies. Laughing loud, crossing the road quickly, selfies under the bluest sky in this sunny afternoon.

‘Drive by Lovers’ is a song made to reflect the spontaneous. The flirtatious mood which takes place during those extremely limited seconds, as long as it takes for the light to turn green. Limited, yet crucial as the blood rushes quicker through your veins, the excitement increases and you feel alive.

The exchange is always a little more daring because you both know there’s no accountability. It’s a moment, and then it’s gone, says Peachy King.

Ah, this electrified atmosphere, you cannot miss!

The song begins with a calming sound and some tender vocals – imagine you’re just driving down the road, too bored to care what time it is and as the impressive voice Em Beihold comes into play, it adds an interactive element to the song: The girl in the car next to you has smiled to you. Yes, you. Definitely you.

Peachy King x Em Beihold have offered us a track with a clear focus on the songwriting process which gives the impression of an unplugged version. Sometimes three minutes are all you need for a drive by love to come and go and some other times they are enough for something to become your favourite. See what happens with this song!

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