‘Everything is getting more epic’ | Interview with Zaub

‘Leivation’ is a song for the explorers of the unknown, for those who delve into new cultures, savour their cuisines, explore the colours and get lost into the sounds. A Mesmerising blend of Turkish and Persian music with bits of Western elements. A blessed coexistence! Read our interview!

Describe your sound in three words!

Middle Eastern Rock.

Who or what inspired you to make music?

Two things that I remember from a young age was the first time I saw somebody playing electric guitar and then a few years later was the first time I heard the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Those two things I experienced were very powerful, influential and inspiring for me.

You have released plenty of music over the years and we would like to know how has your sound evolved over time?

Over the years I’d say our budget has been getting smaller but the tracks and instrumentations are getting larger and larger haha. Very fortunate to have such talented and generous friends here in LA. For example our last record feature some strings and harp and our new album (coming 2021) features a horn section, harp, even woodwinds on some tracks. Everything is getting more epic.

What is the concept behind your song ‘Levitation’?

Levitation is a simple song. It only two sections with a solo in the middle. The concept is that it blends some Hendrix style rhythm guitar parts and goes into a middle-eastern/islamic influenced B section with a melody that really sings. The two sections contrast rhythmically. It’s all live and on tape so the energy is raw. There was no going back for edits.

In many of your songs you pay a lot of attention to creating a feeling of live performance. What would be your dream performance venue then?

Great question! It was actually a big dream of mine to play at The Blue Whale in Los Angeles. It was such a magical venue. Unfortunately it closed about a month ago, due to the pandemic. Venues have been closing left and right around here. It’s very sad but I’m trying to stay optimistic about the future. Honestly anywhere at this point haha.

In ‘Levitation’ you have combined Middle East with Western sounds, which definitely blend greatly. But we want to ask what do you think that each element brings to the mix?

Thank you for the kind words! Not exactly sure what you mean, but I think the instruments are all extremely versatile and the song could basically be a middle eastern instrumental but we just play it on western instruments with western embelishments.

You focus on instrumental music. Is the absence of vocals an extra challenge when it comes to promotion?

Yeah definitely. But I think that’s also the beauty of the band. A lot of people ask about lyrics but I’m not even sure where the vocals would come in. But this is something we’d definitely like to incorporate with the right singer(s).

If all social media and platforms were to disappear tomorrow, how would you choose to connect with your audience and reach out to new people?

Hmmm, that’s tricky because social media is pretty much all we have especially during these times. Honestly probably just phone/text. If I had the money I’d hire an airplane to fly a banner over the city haha.

Tell us something about you that has nothing to do with music!

Times are crazy right now, I’ve known a lot of people that have gotten Covid, please stay healthy and be nice to each other.

Thanks Zaub!

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