Morcheeba – Sounds Of Blue [Review]

I remember listening to Morcheeba since my teenage years, lying at bed at night with my portable (battery-operated) radio next to me. It carries a certain level of emotion when so many years later, I get to review one of the band’s song. We finally meet.

‘Sounds of Blue’ is the third track of their upcoming album ‘Blackest Blue’. Morcheeba are extraordinary in making seemingly calm songs; Songs that are soft to the ear but only until their powerful essence is revealed. Their previous album, ‘Blaze Away’ released not too long ago in 2018, is a fine example of this. ‘Sounds of Blue’ seems to be preserving this logic.

There are no surprises in ‘Sounds of Blue’, only the characteristic downtempo, trip hop influenced organic sounds mixed with electronic tones. Perfected with their signature, reverb heavy yet ethereal vocals, the track feels like a safe space. It makes the act of listening, resemble an experience in which you are caught within a warm vortex that in the end, it puts you down lightly instead of crushing you, leaving your senses blurred for a minute.

Looking forward to the complete album.

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