The Brides of the Black Room -Queendom [Review]

‘Queendom’ can be described as a slow synthwave with classic synth arpeggios. It comes third in row in a 4 track EP by the artist collective ‘The Brides of the Black Room’, and its absence of lyrics is a welcome surprise, while a distinctive whispering starting at 0.59′ creates a chilling effect . That being said, you should also make sure to check out the final song ‘Lilith’ which its intense melody and a similar element of ‘whispering’.

I think that you will agree that it is an utterly cinematic song (and EP in total), which instantly leads you think that it has been taken out of a thriller or even dark sci-fi film. It might as well give you the feeling of being part of a very exclusive art or fashion show. Imagine models or artists with surreal make -up walking around you in the sounds of ‘Queendom’. You are now lost in a mystical atmosphere which swirls you between the worlds of the conscious and the unconscious. Brrr!

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