Al’ Tarba x Degiheugi – La Plage [Review]

”La Plage” (meaning ”the beach”) is the product of the collaboration between Al’ Tarba and beat maker Degiheugi as part of the project “Le Cabinet des Curiosités”. The idea behind the fairytale – like title ”Cabinet of Curiosites” is to present new workings between Al’ Tarba and various rappers and beatmakers, such as DeZordre, ProleteR, Beus Bengal and Goomar, on a weekly basis.

”La Plage” stands out with its wondrous illustration made by Pepite. The core idea of the song is simple, a classic hip hop beat and a mesmerising vocal sample, embellished with organic sounds of seagulls and instruments of the East. The final outcome is a cinematic production of a nostalgic song conceived and interpreted with a fresh view.

”La Plage” is a desired melancholia that fills those lethargic days and nights of winter with colour.

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