juno roome – capitol [Review]

june roome released their new song ‘Capitol’ in January 15th. In the words of the artist, the single was ‘Inspired by the Forever Chemicals scandal / BLM movement, the unfettered late-stage capitalism and its affluent policymakers (capital in capitol) and how they perpetuate almost every other modern American tragedies.’. The release also coincides with the recent events that took place in Capitol Hill by a bunch of dangerous Trumpist supporters.

The two events are – of course- totally unrelated with a very different starting point of critique and in a period where ‘everything goes’, I feel this is something that needs to be stressed.

True to their indie rock background, the Brooklyn based artist with the melodic, soft vocals has delivered a song which retains purposefully the same dynamics throughout. The mellow guitar lines aim for this dreaming vibe to diffuse into the listener’s ears.

The videoclip, as taken by an art installation or a recorded dancer’s rehearsal, supports ideally the creation of a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

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