‘Music is a magical force of nature’ | Interview with Cumbiasound

With the release of ‘Maz Paz’, a single taken out of their new collaborative EP ‘COSAS DEL UNIVERSO’, we had a discussion with Cumbiasound. Playful sounds and they certainly look like people you’d like to hang with. Read below!

Describe your sound in three words please!

D: Groovy, raw, diverse

Would you like to tell us a few words on your musical path so far?

D: started playing quite young (age 6) with a burning interest in music and instruments. Music School- classical training in drums, piano and orchestral percussion. Eventually drifting towards Jazz in my early teens. Rhythmic music conservatory in Copenhagen. Then working as a musician in all kinds of bands and situations. Started producing during the studies in Copenhagen. Studio life, learning the craft, producing hiphop, balkan music, soul, funk, r&b and experimenting a lot.

You have a new EP out, titled ‘COSAS DEL UNIVERSO’. What is the message you want to send to the world with this work?

D: I’ll have to quote Raphael Saadiq: “The world is drunk and the people are mad” -so let’s enjoy what we have, the people around us and the moment! (And maybe some wine..)

Is language a barrier in music?

D: No. Music is a magical force of nature without borders or boundaries.

How do you choose the artists you collaborate with?

D: Mostly by running into them on gigs. I’d like to travel and collaborate with more people around the world but that costs money so mostly I work with people around me. Or while on tour.

Sweden is considered to be one of the friendlier countries in terms of quality of life and migration. Do you agree with this view on an everyday life perspective or is it a bit romanticised?

D: Romanticised. We’re a mixed family so we are experiencing both sides. It takes like 10 years for an immigrant to get a real life here. You know- job, decent place to live and so on. This is for an average person coming here for family reasons. There’s a lot of unspoken racism and segregation where we live. I could go on but I think you got the picture. But when you are in – you can have a calm life with a great deal of freedom and governmental support.

Which is your ideal venue for performing live and why?

D: A club- the sound is intimate and “meaty” and the audience is close to the stage. I love playing festivals in front of thousands of people too, but that is another artform.

How do you spend your day when you are not making music?

D: We have 2 small children so we spend our free time with them going around in the nature, playing – you know, family life. But first- coffee!!

Thank you!

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