‘I was electrocuted via the microphone’ | Interview with Enoki

While he prepares his debut EP, get to know the artist whose songs can lift your mood instantly. This is Enoki.

Describe your sound in three words please

funky, groovy and a bit lo-fi

Which was your first interaction with music?

the record collection of my parents (including pink floyd, the beatles, rod steward, elton john, ..) and later on MTV .. besides that my dad did play also in bands and had lots of recording material in his place, so my toys where guitars and synthesizers.

What inspired you to write ‘Let You Know’?

the song is based on a bass line, in these strange days I did feel the need to make something happy and cheerful.

You are preparing to release some singles you have been working on. Is there a central idea that binds them together or do they have separate stories?

the singles are old material , they are a search, an experiment and more danceable and commercial, to find out my style and sound .. after the release of the 5 singles I am going to bring out an EP, it ‘s going to be something completely different.

Do you have an artist you admire?

too many in fact, there is so many good stuff these days, for the moment I listen to Fisherspooner :-))

An easy but delicious recipe without milk and sugar would be…

haha! i’m vegan so I don’t like milk and for my sweet taste I try to use agave as much as possible.

Do people still listen to full albums?

i don’t think so, people listen more to playlists nowadays .. or EP’s, the effort is too big to listen to a full album.

Tell us one thing that not many people know about you!

during one of my very first performances I was electrocuted via the microphone.

Thanks Enoki!

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