Flux Pavilion x Asha – I Believe [Review]

Flux Pavilion is considered one of the founders of Dubstep, the person behind key tracks such as the savage ‘Base Cannon’ to the super – hit ‘I Can’t Stop’. Over the years, he smoothened his sound staying true to his roots ( we had the track ‘Symphony’ on repeat two years ago).

His return with the song ‘I Believe’ featuring Asha is characterised by some nicely crafted build ups, as expected as well as a solid drop where the synths are heavily sidechain compressed by the kick. Asha’s vocals are a perfect fit. Distinctive to the point that they become memorable (despite the alteration) but mild enough so they don’t overshadow the rest of the song.

You had missed this fella and so had we. As a belated Christmas gift, he will be back with a grand 16-track album, titled ‘.wav’ on January 21st. Our curiosity is building up, what he’s gonna bring now?

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