Parallel Action ft Charlie Boy Manson – 10/10 [Review]

Wicked electronic sound with a decisive lyric/vocal performance, is how we would describe the latest lead single 10/10, released on 11 December. Brought to life by the great collaboration between Parallel Action and MC Charlie Boy Manson.

The two of them make a great combination. Parallel Action has created a beat where a clean drum beat is mixed with some dirty synth lines that feel like they are from a Liam Howlett’s lost tape. It makes the perfect surrounding for Charlie Boy Manson who signs the lyrics he relentlessly raps.

10/10 is a real feast for the lovers of experimental rap and electronica with a twist of genre bending attitude . It is only the appetizer though, as the much anticipated main dish which is no other than the EP, ‘Parallel Action featuring. Charlie Boy Manson’ will be served in the early weeks of 2021. Listen below!

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