Abby Jeanne – Stop and Listen [Review]

Let me begin by saying how I am the strictest person when it comes to covers. I have really high expectations and I rarely end up liking the cover more than the original song. Most of the times I’m like ‘Next’.

However, not only Abby Jeanne’s cover of ‘Stop and and Listen’ (originally by The Shag) is a success story but I dare say that I might like it a bit more that the original, which is super cool.

So, why does that happen? Well, Jeanne has not messed up a popular song as some covers do. She has devoted time to read and feel the track. She has respected and understood it and thus she intervened in a way that preserved the ’60s upbeat feeling but also added some refreshing grunge tones.

Definitely you will dance to the original song because it is created to be danced, but Abbey Jeanne’s cover will also wake up your wilder side from the very first second you press play and suddenly your arms and head will be syncronised in a crazy dance routine.

Now, this is not a coincidence of course. If you take a look at the artist you will see that the NY – based artist carries the whole package to support the explosive version she has created. From her looks to her ideas this young woman stands out and her art mirrors this perfectly, she has previously made two albums after all.

Stop and Listen is a song about the experience of tripping with shrooms – and yes, your mom and dad might not exactly approve of it – but I actually like that we can FINALLY talk about these stuff more openly. Dear Abby has even made a series of videos based on her own stories doing LSD, which you can watch here.

Anyways, enough said. It’s time for you to dive in. Enjoy!

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