La Vérité – Movement III: Like the Limbs of a Mighty Oak [Review]

“Movement III: Like the Limbs of a Mighty Oak” is the 3rd song of La Vérité’s latest work called ‘◯‘. Like the rest of the tracks in this album, it is a long 8 minutes song in which the duration serves its purpose. At the start the band uses a plethora of sound design elements to produce organic, evolving sounds. The minimal approach in arrangement results in a clean, ambient sound with clear emphasis on the mood. After almost 3 minutes a big drop, which exploits the full band, changes the scenery profoundly. With a vivid post rock aesthetic and an underlying psychedelia, the instruments are mixed together resulting in a warm saturated sound that releases the enormous tension which has been built up to that point. The continuous crescendo peaks, when the long finale accompanies listeners until they reinstate their initial phase. Do yourself a favour and listen to this instrumental epic.

Full Album can be Heard below.

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