Miya King – Touch

A touch of summer. A touch of fun. And a touch of lust. LA based jazz/soul singer & songwriter Miya king just released her new single titled “Touch”, a soulful piece with an irresistible R&B groove. Her expressive, warm vocals join the detuned guitars while the soft organ pad in the background works as glue, creating the ideal, uplifting song you were looking for to add on your neo-Soul holiday’s playlist. Miya King is like these magnificent Bougainvillea on that island wall which are always colorful and bright. They consistently attract the attention of passersby. They no matter what know how to behave. And they never pretend.

If you like this (and we are sure you will), don’t forget to check her debut full album, titled “Palaces”, released just a year ago. 

 “My music says the things I’m afraid to.” 

Miya King

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