Sam Wills – Undercover

“Undercover” feels like the R&B song you heard the other night at the open air bar, under the blue moonlight.  The night you started dancing with him/her listening to that smooth tune. But when you tried to shazam it, it was too late and you never managed to find its title. Sam Wills comes from Hastings, a seaside town in East Sussex. In this single he teams up with producer Phairo and the result is a musically rich smooth r&b track that raises the expectation for his future work high. Featuring a rubbery bassline, a 16th note drum beat with added percussions and smooth vocals, it’s just straight-up hot. The artist uses the natural groove to showcase his ability to inject emotion and excitement into the song effortlessly, proving the fact that he deserves recognition. File him next to Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei, two artists from his list of collaborations. Give it a listen below. Your ears will not regret it.

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