Jaywop – Screen Door

It has been a busy year for Jaywop who just returned with his new single Screen Door. The track’s instrumental has a J Dilla inspired drum beat, fueled by a 2 bar electric piano pattern with descending jazzy chords and a steady bassline that drives the groove. Jaywop delivers some quality verses showcasing his raw talent. In the second part of the song, the female vocals in the background are blended with a natural playing, organic drum beat supported by a simple 2 chord progression. The versatile rapper uses this emphatic mood change to highlight the variety of his flow palette. The video clip, shot in Los Angeles, follows the song’s pattern where the shiny mood of the first half leads to the chill, late afternoon, vibe of the second half. Get used to Jaywop. He definitely gets us hyped of what is to come.

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