Resist the silence #BLM

While watching closely the polymorphous protests that have erupted in several countries, after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis when police officer Derek Chauvin pressed Floyd’s neck with his knee for more than 8 minutes, we have been looking for ways to actively support the Black Lives Matter movement.  We want to stand in solidarity with the communities facing systemic racism, police brutality but also discrimination of all kinds (based on ethnicity, gender, age, class, religion, disability etc.).

We understand that being an ally is not an one off action but rather it is a long process which involves many steps including educating ourselves on how racism can spread in subtle ways within society as well as about the history of the black liberation movement and their current struggles.  It is imperative that we start challenging harassment online and perhaps more importantly during ‘real’ life (offline) circumstances when witnessing inequalities, violence against and repression of vulnerable and marginalized communities or individuals.

However, it is clear to us that the fight against white supremacy and racial injustice should be led by those most affected by it. Thus, we need to take a step back and allow space to people who have been silenced for too long by systemic media and hegemonic narratives, to be heard. We need to listen, reflect and discuss.

We have decided to use our Secret Eclectic platform as a means to amplify the voices of the Black people, their supporters as well as activists and artists. Arts and culture play a huge role in spreading stereotypes but they can also be extremely helpful in deconstructing them and producing a counter narrative.

Below we have created a list featuring songs relating to the #BLM movement and the killing of George Floyd too, with the hope that it will be updated regularly with new content that you will send us.

Resist the Silence.

[To submit your contributions of any kind, please email:]

  • L.I Freeze – How We Livin’
  • Kregness Music – PREACH PEACE
  • Lecx Stacy – CROOKED SMILE
  • Hunnid – HANG ON (Feat Ceeno)
  • Jevon – CANT BREATHE


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